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International Space Station

Updated:  4-23-03

Welcome to the Michiana International Space Station Information Page.  This page is a new page which is built in a similar fashion to the old Michiana MIR page (1996-1998).

This page will provide people with access to info reguarding the ISS-but mainly will give Ham Operator/Scanner Information for ISS.

Current ISS Crew: Expedition Seven (Late April - October 2003).
Y. Malnchenko and E. Lu (Pardon the mis-spellings).
                  Current ISS Transmit Frequencies:
Current: Air-Ground Com. (Russian)
143.625 Mhz
Amateur Radio
145.800 Mhz

First School Contact:

Thurs. Dec. 21, 2000: 3:29 PM EST SUCCESS

After a second attempt, the ARISS experiment was a success. Students in the Chicago Middle School talked with Commander Shepherd. Short Audio File of the successful contact

Recorded from: Marquette Elem. School in South Bend, IN.

Tues. Dec 19 3:59 PM EST 145.800 Mhz.

Learn more about it on the ARISS homepage or at MSNBC

The event did not occur as planned with communication/reception problems causing the failed attempt. Commander Shepherd tried to call as did the school. No success. (From Amsat-bb members).

Short Audio file of the attempt: From Marquette Elem School in South Bend, IN..

(Source: Amsat-bb e-mail discussion)

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Sources: Nasa Websites, Amsat-bb, ANS, SAREX e-mail discussions.